Since 2010, the name Thomas Henry has been the main inspiration for a young company from Germany to produce a perfect selection of soft drinks.


10 core values

Thomas Henry is the leading premium bitter lemonade, because we alone are partners and trendsetters of international bar culture.

  • 01 Teamwork / team spirit We are one team with a common goal that we can only achieve together.
  • 02 Passion We are passionate and enjoy our work.
  • 03 Partnership We work at eye level with our business partners and respect their needs.
  • 04 Responsibility Not only in the office but throughout the day we act self responsible and socially responsible.
  • 05 Quality We set high quality standards for all our products in order to fully satisfy the needs of our customers and our own high expectations. Furthermore, we learn, think and develop, each and every day, to guarantee this high standard.
  • 06 Customer orientation Our customers are part of the team and we continue to develop our products to satisfy their needs.
  • 07 Innovation We are a pioneer in the bitter lemonade industry, while developing new products and setting new trends.
  • 08 Commitment Our hunger for success is unlimited. To us, this means constantly outperforming the market and developing a little more every day.
  • 09 Pleasure / Enjoyment We celebrate life and enhance the taste.
  • 10 Proud As Henrys and Henriettas, we are proud to improve the international bar culture.