BBQ on the Rocks – The Top BBQ Drinks of the Season

BBQ is big.

Especially in Central Europea and the US, barbecues are celebrated. Fire, smoke and natural flavors come together and present themselves in the basic form of simplicity when grilling. In the same way, the complementary drinks should also be kept for grilling. Perfect grill drinks should be in line with the food concerning their texture. But, you can also play with contrasts, as with sour and “crisp” flavors of cucumber, lime, lemon, which you already know from the BBQ world of salsa, caviar and other complementary dishes.

“Drinks for barbecuing should achieve a certain effect. Complementary or in line with the food, “says Phum Sila-Trakoon, Global Brand Ambassador of Thomas Henry.” Personally, I like to drink a 90s Classic like the Vodka Lemon. To accompany hearty meat and usually intense marinades and sauces, I enjoy a light and ‘pure’ drink that cleanses and refreshes the taste buds. A Vodka Lemon brings light sweetness, a pleasant and fresh acidity, as well as a slight bitter note that makes you want more of the grudge! Cheers! “