Behind Bars: Amano

Q & A with Martin Bauermann, Bar Manager in the Amano in Berlin

1. Who are you and where do you work?
My name is  Martin Bauermann and I am the bar manager of the Amano Bar Berlin since 2014. Previously I worked ten years in different Bars in Switzerland including the Widder Bar in Zurich.

2. Why did you move to Berlin?
I was born in Prenzlauer Berg. I needed a change a for a view years. I learned a lot and it broadened my horizon. But my family and friends have been the whole time in Berlin and they are also the reason why I am back.

3. Can you describe your Bar in three words?
Classy. Lifestyle. Living room.

4. Which drink would you recommend to us?
Currently the „Thai Massage“ with gin, lemon Grass, ginger, Thomas Henry Ginger Beer and limes. Topseller. Another recommended Longdrink is the „Amano Mule“ with vodka, wheat beer, ginger lemon syrup, lemon juice und Soda Water.

5. You recently added Thomas Henry Soda Water to your assortment.
Yes, that’s right. The carbonic acid has a great quality. Now that the carbon dioxide content of the Soda Water has been increased, it has the right amount of bubble power we need for our fizzes and collinses

6. What inspires you?

My colleagues and of course our guests. But also my daily way to work. Berlin-Mitte is so vibrant. There are so many exciting things happening in front of the door every day.

7. What characterizes you as a bartender?
I accomplish creations that are comprehensible for my guests. I like to give them a little twist but the idea schould always be reasonable.

8. Tell us about the philosophy of the Amano Bar?
Our guests shell feel comfortable. It doesn’t matter if they wear a tuxedo or a tracksuit.

9. What will be the bar trend of 2017?
It will be back to the 90’s! Fancy, big, fruity, rum oriented – Zombie, Flying Kangaroo or Planter’s Punch. We won’t need dozens of syrups, but this will be the direction for the near future.

10. What was your most absurd Bar experience?
Well, there were plenty (laughs). I remember the evening before this years’s Bar Convent Berlin very well. We had about 2,000 guests during the night and we had to serve our punches in plastic cups. Everybody was happy though!

Thank you very much, Martin.

Amano Martin Bauermann Bar

Amano Bar

Auguststraße 43

10119 Berlin


Opening hours:

Daily from 17 o’clock