Behind Bars: Gin & Jagger

Q & A with Yu-Jin Chung from Gin & Jagger in Essen

1. Who are you and where do you work?
I am Yu-Jin Chung and I have been running Gin & Jagger in Essen since 2013.

2. How would you describe the bar scene in the Ruhr area compared to other German metropoles?
It’s actually not as well developed as in Berlin or Hamburg. We still have a lot of pubs. So in these terms, people here are a little bit slow. But with Gin & Jagger we want to change that.

3. Your bar can be found at Rüttenscheider Street in Essen which changed a lot over the last years.
That’s right. Many bars established here and meanwhile, many customers come from other cities. But there is also a lot of system gastronomy which makes it difficult to survive with an individual concept.

4. Besides going to Gin & Jagger, where else should we go?

Hans Dampf! A little club just around the corner. The guys running it are really passionate.

5. Your bar described in three words?
Melting pot, urban, homey.

6. Gin & Jagger is not just a bar. It’s also a café and brasserie.

That’s what I love about the place. Everyone sees something different. Older people are coming for breakfast, younger people for a drink at night. Our concept only works if we are not aloof. Never forget where you come from. If someone just wants a beer – no problem!

7. Which drink would you recommend?

The „Pinkman“ which is made of gin with raspberry infusion, homemade rose syrup, lemon and Thomas Henry Ginger Ale.

8. What inspires you?
New York! I lived there for a while and the gastronomy scene over there is on a different level which inspires me a lot.

9. Tell us about the philosophy of Gin & Jagger.
Passion for detail, a lot of selfmade stuff and the team is our second family.

10. What are your plans for 2017?
We just started the Gin & Jagger Supper Club, therefore we renovated a storage room in the basement. A room in the room, so to say. We plan to host supper clubs, tastings and other events.


Thank you, Yu-Jin.


Gin & Jagger

Rüttenscheider Str. 181

45131 Essen

Opening hours:
Mo – Fr: 11.30am – open end
Sa – Su: 10am – open end