Behind Bars: Rotkehlchen

7 questions to Marie Rausch from the “Rotkehlchen” in Muenster

Thomas Henry interviews famous faces of the bar scene.

“Rotkehlchen – Wohnraum mit Küche und Bar” (in English: “Robin – living room with kitchen and bar”) is the name of the venue which Marie Rausch and her husband Nicklas run in the middle of the student city of Münster. The restaurant has 50 seats, the bar has 20, 50 more are situated on the terrace. Nicklas is responsible for the kitchen with delicious dishes, the ingredients of which are predominantly sourced from the surrounding Münsterland area. Meanwhile, Marie is in charge of the liquid pleasures: Calling herself a “drink cook”, she has a great passion for cocktails with a high proportion of homemade ingredients. She has just been nominated for the long list in the category “Mixologist of the Year” at the prestigious “Mixology Bar Awards 2018”. We had the opportunity to have a little chat with the sympathetic young woman.

1. Marie, what is the idea of “Rotkehlchen”?
We are a “drinks kitchen” and try to work seasonally and regionally. Furthermore, we specialize in “cocktail guided menus”. Which means that every four weeks, the dishes and cocktails change.

2. You call yourself a drink cook and enjoy preparing purees and syrups by yourself.
Yes, our specialty are beverages with a culinary twist and homemade ingredients which we produce with the sous vide technique, for example. We are curious and constantly looking for new flavours. However, we also have a focus on gin, offering 180 gins and 30 tonic varieties.

3. One of which, of course, is from Thomas Henry. What is your personal favorite with our Tonic Water?
Lillet Tonic!

4. What, in your view, is the bar trend of the hour?
Less sugar, less alcohol. In addition, sherry and vermouth experience their renaissance.

5. Does the “robin” has a favorite song?
Oh, there is not that one song which is played over and over again. Generally speaking, however, we play a lot of electro and swing.

6. What makes a good host?
One should be at ease, always smile and act according to the situation. In a good bar, a guest should feel like at home, be able to switch off.

7. And when the robin retreats to sleep, which nightcap does it prefer?
Lillet-Campari Soda.

Thank you, Marie.

Rotkehlchen – Wohnraum mit Küche und Bar

Wasserstraße 1-3

48143 Münster