Behind Bars: Schwarz Weiß Bar

Behind Bars: Schwarz Weiß Bar, Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg

… so what can Knud Scheibelt recommend? A “Tornado Dark n’ Stormy“ …

Two is more than one. After having successfully established his “Schwarz Weiß Bar“ (black and white bar) in Stuttgart, its owner Knud Scheibelt recently opened a second branch in the nearby city of Ludwigsburg. The new bar is rather different compared to the original location, Thomas Henry found out, as we went “Behind Bars“ once more. But does a different location imply a new concept as well?

“Not really“, Knud Scheibelt explains, “Both bars are pretty much on par as far as innovation and our general level of quality are concerned. It all comes down to great drinks.“ And those drinks are great, indeed. One of the reasons for that are the home-made ingredients, like syrups, bitters, jellies and infusions. It is no surprise that one finds mainly the bartenders’ own cocktail and longdrink creations on the menu of the “Schwarz Weiß Bar“, which quickly became very popular not only in Stuttgart but also attracted many customers from out of town.

There is one major difference though between the two branches: size. Whilst the original location on Stuttgart’s Wilhelm Street offers a mere 12 seats for eager customers, the new place in Ludwigsburg is much bigger, accommodating up to 150 guests. Also, the scenery is quite different. In Stuttgart, guests are greeted by dark wooden panels, black & white portraits of jazz and swing legends are hanging on the walls, while their music is the soundtrack of the night. It’s a cosy place, yet full of life. “The atmosphere is very friendly and open“, says Scheibelt. “Whether old friends or complete strangers. Everybody starts talking to each other immediately. It’s really interesting to watch.“

The new bar in Ludwigsburg is located in a beautiful vaulted cellar and offers lots of opportunities, especially when it come to entertainment. Because of the arched ceiling, the room is not only visually attractive, but also gives the bar great acoustics, making it the perfect spot for concerts and DJ sets. “It’s been my dream for a long time to open up a bar in a place like this“, Scheibelt explains. The Ludwigsburg crowd has a lot to look forward to, not only musically. All kinds of events are being planned: tastings, cocktail workshops and special wine events, too, giving local winemakers the opportunity to present their produce. Wine from the Swabia area always has been a very important on the menu of the “Schwarz Weiß Bar“ in Stuttgart and of course this tradition is being pursued in the new location as well. And since the new spot is located in this vaulted cellar, a locally sourced “Kellerbier“ – a cellar beer – is being served as well.

We’d rather go for a drink with Thomas Henry, frankly, so what can Knud Scheibelt recommend? A “Tornado Dark n’ Stormy“, an in-house variation of the famous classic, made with “Overproof Rum“ (Gosling’s Black Seal 151 Rum), infused with cherry blossoms and refined with a dash of the home-made “Tornado Bitter“ with chocolate, clove and vanilla and finally filled up with our very own ginger lemonade which is very popular in Stuttgart, especially in the “Schwarz Weiß Bar”. And now that there’s a second “Schwarz Weiß Bar“ in Ludwigsburg, even more customers can enjoy its strong and spicy taste.

Schwarz Weiß Bar Stuttgart
Wilhelmstraße 8A
70182 Stuttgart
Tel: +49 (0) 176 88246664
Open: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7pm to 3am, Friday and Saturday from 7pm to 5am

Schwarz Weiß Bar Ludwigsburg
Schlossstraße 17
71634 Ludwigsburg
Tel: +49 (0) 171 41929211
Open: Monday to Thursday from 7pm to 2am, Friday and Saturday from 7pm to 5am