Behind Bars: The Kinly Bar, Frankfurt

7 questions for Michele Heinrich

The “Bahnhofsviertel”, the area in Frankfurt located right by the main railway station, is the city’s red light district and infamous for all kinds of shady things and figures. For some years, however, it has also become a gastronomic hotspot with trendy restaurants and bars. Since 2015, the (probably) coolest bar of all is situated in a basement on Elbestraße. “The Kinly Bar” features an underground atmosphere, experimental drinks and 29 much sought-after seats. The chef behind this bar is Michele Heinrich who we had a little chat with

1. Michele, can you put the philosophy behind The Kinly in just one sentence?
Feelgood Speakeasy! We wanted to make a bar in which we would like to be a guest ourselves.

2. What is your specialty?
Good drinks in a relaxed atmosphere.

3. What makes a good bar – and a good host?
Constant quality and pleasant hosts working attentively and unobstrusively.

4. What is unique about The Kinly? 

Without a doubt it’s the contrast between two very different worlds. The one inside the bar and the one outside.

5. What is your favourite drink with Thomas Henry?
Our „Peanut Butter Jelly Fizz“.

6. And what does a “Kinly Boy” enjoy as a call-it-a-day-drink?
A cold Bavarian Helles.

7. Which song do you play most?
Probably “Sexual Healing” by The Hot 8 Brass Band.

8. One final question: What was the most odd thing you’ve ever seen in your bar? There must be something, given the area The Kinly is located in?
You have to experience the magic of the night by yourself 🙂

Thank you, Michele.

The Kinly Bar
Elbestraße 34
60329 Frankfurt