Winter in a jar with our festive winter drinks

Winterdrinks 2018

As the warm days of the endless summer slowly come to an end, winter comes again. The days are getting shorter, the weather colder and you’re happy to spend cosy hours in the warm apartment again: The pre-christmas season is here.

Christmas markets sprout from the ground, balls and candles find their way back to the living room and, maybe even the first snow falls. Of course, mulled wine and punch can’t be missed to warm up nicely from the inside. For those who want something different in the glass, we have team up with our top influencers and created the perfect selection of winter drinks that will sweeten everyone’s pre-christmas time!

The drinks are based on the favourite ingredients of the Thomas Henry Influencer A-Team Kevin, Kate, Jan and Sunita. Together with our Global Brand Ambassador Phum Sila-Trakoon, four very different winter drinks were created, each with a personal touch.

During the dark winter days the drinks are getting heavier, too. Fortunate for Kevin, who fell for dark liquors while mixing. In his drink BLACK KEV he combines rum with maple syrup for a particularly aromatic sweetness. Infused with Thomas Henry Ginger Ale, a spicy note joins. Topped off with roasted walnuts, the ensemble becomes a truly festive drink.


– 50 ml rum
– 10 ml maple syrup
– Thomas Henry Ginger Ale
– garnish: roasted walnuts

Fill your longdrink glass with ice, add rum and maple syrup and stir both cold. Fill up with Thomas Henry Ginger Ale and garnish with roasted walnuts.

Jan also picks up a note of nuts to match the season in his drink called ON WINTER. He picked vermouth as his spirit of choice. The spirit’s herbal flavours perfectly meet the sweetness of almond syrup. With his favourite filler, the Thomas Henry Bitter Lemon, he not only gives the drink extra fizziness, but also rounds off the herbal and sweet aromas with bitterness. Finally some roasted almonds sprinkled over et voilà, winter magic is happening.


– 50 ml red vermouth
– 10 ml almond syrup
– Thomas Henry Bitter Lemon
– garnish: roasted almonds

Fill your Tumbler with ice, add red vermouth and almond syrup and stir both cold. Fill up with Thomas Henry Bitter Lemon and garnish with roasted almonds.

Our next drink, the CHRISTMAS PARADE by Kate, is a very special taste experience, in which several for this season typical aromas come into play. The combination of cherry juice and vanilla syrup forms the delightful base. In addition, you’ll be surprised by the spicy note of ginger in this drink added by the  Thomas Henry Ginger Beer. For the last step, you’ll reach deep into the cookie jar. Due to the harmonious combination of spekulatius and rosemary sprays, the drink gets its distinctive look.


– 50 ml vodka
– 20 ml cherry juice
– 10 ml vanilla syrup
– Thomas Henry Ginger Beer
– garnish: spekulatius, rosemary spray

Fill your Tumbler with ice, add vodka, cherry juice and vanilla syrup and stir everything cold. Fill up with Thomas Henry Ginger Beer and garnish with spekulatius and a spray of rosemary.

For everyone who’s looking for a digestif after a good and solid Christmas meal, Sunita has come up with something very special, the SPARKLING SUNITA. This cocktail is a truly festive taste experience. The foundation of this drink is the classic Thomas Henry Tonic Water – Sunita’s favourite. In combination with whiskey, honey and an espresso, the refreshingly bitter tonic transforms into a sweet-tingling pick-me-up drink. At last, the drink receives its festive crown by a garnish of star anise or cinnamon sticks.


– 35 ml whiskey
– 1 espresso
– 1 teaspoon of honey
– Thomas Henry Tonic Water
– garnish: star anise or cinnamon stick

Fill your champagne flute with ice, add whiskey and honey and stir both cold. Fill up with Thomas Henry Tonic Water and slowly pour the espresso on top. Garnish with star anise or a cinnamon stick.

If you want to experience the usual pre-christmas impressions of taste in a new, exciting vesture, our winter drinks are the perfect selection for you. With this ensemble ,we serve everyone who’s tired of mulled wine and punch four innovative alternatives easily mixed at home.

Are you ready for the holidays?