Bianco Slim: recipe and instructions

  • Bar Newcomer
  • Taste: herbal, classic
1 cocktail
  • 40 ml white Vermouth
  • 1 Dash Angostura Bitters
  • Thomas Henry Slim Tonic

Glass: longdrink | Garnish: orange zeste

Add fresh ice cubes into the glass. Add vermouth and angostura bitters. Fill it up with Thomas Henry Slim Tonic and garnish with an orange zest. Cheers!


Slim elegance: Slim Tonic meets vermouth

Bianco Slim is the signature drink by Thomas Henry — made with the particularly spicy and low-caloric Slim Tonic and a white vermouth. Flavoured and sprinkled with spices and herbs, this fortified wine has experienced an uptick in popularity in recent years. It’s finally now getting the attention it deserves. Vermouth is one of the bar scene’s greatest success stories. Its variety of flavours is particularly on trend at the moment and can now be found behind the best counters in the world. 

The same applies to the Thomas Henry Slim Tonic. Not only because less sugar is used to make it. The taste composition is second to none. The intense aromas of bergamot, black pepper, and sea salt create a pleasantly dry foundation, which uniquely pairs with vermouth’s sweetness. The result is complex, layered, and delicious. The splash of Angostura Bitters adds an extra portion of spice to the Bianco Slim.

A long drink that makes more possible

Just like a Gin & Tonic, the Bianco Slim is quick and easy to mix. Plus: it’s a real feast for the eyes! The light shades of vermouth are a beautiful optical accent and they’re picked up and enhanced by the orange zest. Clear, pure and neat — a drink that remains seductive. Just like its base, the Slim Tonic. 

The Tonic Water, which was created by Thomas Henry Brand Ambassador Phum Sila-Trakoon and Arnd Henning Heißen, bar manager at the Ritz-Carlton Berlin, opens up new taste worlds and guarantees more mixability. That’s why the Bianco Slim is always ready for a little twist. Vermouth and gin simply get along so well. Even just 1 cl of your personal favourite vermouth works wonders and catapults the cocktail towards a whole new level. Simply give it a try!