Bloomy Cup: recipe and instructions

Der Bloomy Cup mit Thomas Henry Cherry Blossom Tonic
  • Bar Newcomer
  • Taste: sweet, herbal, classic
1 cocktail
  • 40 ml vermouth
  • Thomas Henry Cherry Blossom Tonic

Glass: wine glass | Garnish: orange

Fill glass with ice cubes. Add vermouth and stir until liquid is cold. Fill with Thomas Henry Cherry Blossom Tonic and garnish. Cheers!


Dream pairing: Cherry Blossom Tonic meets herbal vermouth

Bloomy Cup is the signature drink by Thomas Henry — mixed with the fruity bitter Cherry Blossom Tonic and sweet, distinctive herbal vermouth. What results is a never before seen taste that exploded the tonic universe. 

Full-bodied cherry blossom notes blend into something completely unique and new with the characteristic bitterness of tonic water. The quinine, essential for a tonic water, is stimulated by the fruit. The herbal aromas of white vermouth are an excellent match. A wonderfully light cocktail. Perfect for those imbibers for whom tonic-based drinks tend to run too dry. 

Asia’s most beautiful day — in a glass

Anyone who has been lucky enough to stand underneath a cherry tree in the spring knows the beauty that literally pours over you. In Japan this time is known as Hanami — a fest that celebrates the cherry trees entering their blooming season. It lasts only a few days, the colourful splendour is truly breathtaking and its over almost as soon as it began. The first warm days of the year symbolise a sign of awakening and transience at the same time. The Bloomy Cup captures and translates the euphoria of this brief time. 

Thomas Henry Brand Ambassador Phum Sila-Trakoon crosses a boundary via his cocktail that we never imagined could be so tasty.  The open-hearted fruity aromas of wild cherry blossom are paired with the herbal notes of vermouth and the bitterness of tonic. The result is as phenomenal as it is unique. From the very first sip, you feel the emerging harmony. It brings together supposed opposites and sets a new standard. Slightly bitter, convincingly fruity and beguilingly floral, this taste is so much more than just a trend.