Cheb: recipe and instructions

cheb mit thomas henry dry tonic und waldpilz essenz
  • Mixologist
  • Taste: herbal, classic
1 cocktail
  • 20 ml Pisco
  • 20 ml Riesling wine
  • 5 ml camomille syrup
  • 2 dashes Thomas Henry mushroom essence
  • Thomas Henry Dry Tonic

Glass: longdrink, highball | Garnish: edible blossoms | Technique: Stir & Strain

Fill a stirring glass with ice cubes and pour all ingredients except the Tonic Water over the ice. Stir it well. Fill the Thomas Henry Dry Tonic into a coupette and fine strain the liquid from the mixing glass as a float. Garnish with an edible blossom, cheers!