Clang Boom Steam

Der Clang Boom Steam mit Thomas Henry Spicy Ginger
  • Hobby Bartender
  • Taste: fruity, exotic
1 cocktail
  • 40 ml Sierra Milenario Fumado Tequila
  • 20 ml passion fruit syrup
  • 15 ml Punt e Mes
  • 30 ml lime juice
  • 1 dash of brine (saline solution)
  • 3 dashes of bitter truth orange bitters
  • Thomas Henry Spicy Ginger

Glass: highball | Garnish: cucumber, pepper | Technique: build in glass

Fill ice cubes into a highball glass and pour the Sierra Milenario Fumado Tequila, passion fruit syrup, Punt e Mes, fresh lime juice, a dash of brine (saline solution) and three dashes of bitter truth orange bitters in the glass. Top up with Thomas Henry Spicy Ginger and garnish with some cucumber pieces and pepper.