Primera Cup

Der Primera Cup mit Thomas Henry
  • Mixologist
1 cocktail
  • 60 ml homemade mix of brandy, red vermouth, and PX Sherry
  • 5 ml fresh lemon juice
  • 5 ml fresh lime juice
  • 5 ml orange juice
  • 3 cucumber slices
  • 6-8 raspberries
  • Thomas Henry Ginger Ale

Glass: wine oder double old fashioned glass | Garnish: mint twig

Crush raspberries in a large glass. Add barrel aged brandy mix, cucumbers, and the lemon, lime, and orange juice. Fill with a lot of ice and top up with Thomas Henry Ginger Ale. Give it a quick stir and garnish with mint twig.
combine ½ part Spanish brandy, ¼ part Pontica Red Vermouth, and ¼ part Pedro Ximenez Sherry and barrel age for a minimum of a month.
(by Kan Zuo, The Sign, Vienna, Austria)