Virgin Island Water

  • Mixologist
1 cocktail
  • 40 ml white aromatic rum
  • 10 ml natural ginger liqueur
  • 5 ml Sicilian Mandarin liqueur
  • 40 ml hibiscus water*
  • 20 ml Virgin Island Sirup*
  • 30 ml fresh lime juice
  • Thomas Henry Slim Tonic

Glass: large tumbler | Garnish: edible blossoms

Fill glass with ice and add all ingredients, then fill up with Thomas Henry Slim Tonic. Carefully stir the drink with a bar spoon and garnish with edible blossoms.

*hibiscus water: preserve 10 hibiscus blossoms in one liter of water, and keep in the fridge over night. After 12 hours strain the liquid into a neutral bottle.
*Virgin Island syrup: take a liter of coconut syrup and refine with two drops of each of the following botanical fusion extracts: musk seeds, ylang ylang, jasmine. Then shake the bottle vigorously.

By Arnd Henning Heissen, The Curtain Club, Berlin, Germany