Dry January

Mocktail Wonderleaf

Proper cocktails require proper alcohol – an outdated but still common thought in many minds. But even without the alcohol, fantastic drink creations can impress with complex taste profiles. So-called “no-abv-Drinks” are in no way inferior to their boozy relatives. Let us guide you into the world of non-alcoholic drinks with three extraordinary drink compositions for your home mixing session.

“Conscious consumption” is by no means limited to food. Detox, dietary intake and soberness are also relevant in today’s world of beverages. In the past, non-alcoholic cocktails were often ridiculed and considered barely competitive to their alcoholic counterparts. Meanwhile, they have become indispensable in the drink menus of the best bars worldwide.

In the early non-alcoholic drinks era bartenders have been mixing as close as possible to original cocktail classics – then leaving out the high-proof ingredients. But the spectrum is much broader than simply omitting alcohol from existing recipes. Nowadays, many non-alcoholic-drinks are more than just modified duplicates, but independent drinks that require creativity and out-of-the-box thinking from bartenders.

In addition to the taste experience, non-alcoholic cocktails also convince on a further level. With ingredients such as juices, fruits, vegetables, smoothies and spices they are true vitamin bombs. There are no limits to experimentation and even after a long night, your body will be thankful because instead of waking up hungover you start into the new day feeling fresh and energized.

In the following, let us inspire you with three very special creations: the Rhubarb Wonder mixed with Tonic Water, the Hibiscus Leaf with Bitter Lemon and the Red Wonder with Soda Water – all mixed with brandnew non-alcoholic gin “Siegfried Wonderleaf“, which comes with typical gin botanical flavours but without the booze.

Rhubarb Wonder
Bar Newcomer

– 60 ml Siegfried Wonderleaf
– 10 ml vanilla syrup
– 30 ml rhubarb juice
– 30 ml lime juice
– Thomas Henry Tonic Water
– Garnish: rhubarb, lime zest

Put some ice in the glass and fill in the Wonderleaf. Then add vanilla syrup, rhubarb juice and lime juice. Finally top up with Thomas Henry Tonic Water, stir and garnish with rhubarb and lime zest.

Rhubarb Wonder

Hibiscus Leaf
Hobby Bartender

– 50 ml Siegfried Wonderleaf (hibiscus infusion)
– 20 ml agave juice
– 60 ml cucumber juice
– 10 ml grapefruit shrub
– Thomas Henry Bitter Lemon
– Garnish: hibiscus blossoms

Fill the shaker with ice. Add all ingredients except for the Thomas Henry Bitter Lemon and shake. Put ice cubes in the tumbler. Strain the contents of the shaker twice, fill with Thomas Henry Bitter Lemon and garnish with hibiscus blossoms.

Preparation Siegfried Wonderleaf hibiscus infusion:
Place 1.5 l of Siegfried Wonderleaf in a large vessel and add approx. 30 g of dried hibiscus. Let it steep for approximately 24 hours at room temperature and sieve everything.

Preparation cucumber juice:
Wash the cucumber well. The cucumber can be peeled before juicing, although it loses its bitter notes, which define the typical cucumber taste and has a less green colour. It is recommended to put the cucumber juice through a cloth again. Juice 3 cucumbers for about 600 ml to 750 ml.

Preparation grapefruit-shrub:
Boil 1.5 l of pink grapefruit juice in a saucepan. While the liquid boils lightly, add 500 g white cane sugar. Add 80 ml to 90 ml white wine vinegar and let it cool down. Store it in a cold and dark place.

Hibiscus Leaf

Red Wonder

– 50 ml Siegfried Wonderleaf
– 20 ml white chocolate water
– 40 ml clear strawberry shrub
– Thomas Henry Soda Water
– Garnish: 3 drops of lime oil

Put all ingredients except for the Thomas Henry Soda Water in a mixing glass and fill with ice cubes. Mix the liquid well and strain into the coupe glass. Fill with Thomas Henry Soda Water and garnish with 3 drops of lime oil.

Preparation strawberry-shrub:
Option 1: Cook 500 g of frozen strawberries with 100 g sugar and 100 ml raspberry vinegar for about 7 minutes. Allow it to cool down and purée everything. Sieve the mass through a strain cloth and further through a coffee filter.
Option 2: Purée 1 kg of strawberries and put it in 3 portions with approx. 300 g each in a rotary evaporator. Boil the extracted strawberry oil with 15 drops on 300 g of sugar, 100 ml of water and 50 ml white wine vinegar. Boil gently for about 15 minutes and you’ll get a clear strawberry shrub.

Preparation lime oil:
Press the rind of 4 limes and put it in 500 ml of taste-neutral rapeseed oil. Store the oil at room temperature for about 24 hours and remove the skin. Store dry and at room temperature.

Red Wonder

These unique taste compositions are the perfect embodiment for non-alcoholic cocktail variations and a worthy clean alternative for a delightful cocktail evening. Additionally they are easy to mix at home.

We hope you enjoy our sober excursion into the world of no-abv-Drinks.