Gentle starters – The top aperitif drinks of the season

The aperitif has been in the minds of the european people for over a century now. He celebrated his climax to the invention of the “Spritz”.

The modern aperitif drink should bring a special main note. For example, peach, blackthorn, grape or honey are characteristic notes that can be expanded in the aperitif and chosen as an appetizer. The light carbonation makes the aperitif the “Spritz” that makes you want more, without being too complex.

“The aperitif has a very clear commitment in the gastronomy. Even before the “greetings from the kitchen” we served the aperitif at the bar or even before the “set”. The first impression should, if possible, be a welcome to the guest and tune him in for the upcoming. We want to see more taste and less detours in the fresh aperitif of tomorrow! “- Phum Sila-Trakoon, Global Brand Ambassador by Thomas Henry