Anita Oltuszyk

Gdańsk, Poland
Nationality: Polish
Bar: Flisak’76

“personalized, tailored to the person and their lifestyle.”
Anita about Urban Drinking

When did you start bartending?
7 years ago in Dom Kultury Club in Lublin (South East of Poland).

What’s your favourite drink of all time?
It depends on my mood, for today it’s Ramos Gin Fizz.

What’s your top bar recommendation? 1 Bar you have been to, 1 you have not been to yet.
1) Mag Cafe and Pixel Bar  2) Employees Only as a bar I haven’t been to yet

What helps against hangovers?
Good sleep and great breakfast.

What are you always travelling with, that is not related to bartending?
My dog, a book and also ear phones – there is no journey without music.

What is your favourite travel destination?
Any place new. The destination is not as important as the occurence of travelling itself.

What is your current favourite tune on your playlist when traveling?
Just one?! I cannot choose, there is so many!

If you wouldn’t be in hospitality, what would you do?
Rescuing dogs and taking photos.

What does “Urban Drinking” mean to you?
Nowadays everybody wants to be different and special and wants to highlight that in every possible way- by clothes, music, haircut, etc. Urban Drinking to me is personalised in some way, matched to the person and his/her lifestyle. It will define or express particular person.

What is modern bar culture about?
It’s about giving new, widely understood experience to our guests.

What is the next big bar trend?
In my opinion – rituals and storytelling.

What’s your favourite ingredient?
Sea Buckthorn.


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