David Nguyen-Luu

Singapore, Singapore
Nationality: Australian
Bar: Manhattan Bar at Regent Singapore


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When did you start bartending?
1994 in Melbourne.

What’s your favourite drink of all time?
Gin & Tonic and Negroni.

What’s your top bar recommendation?
Wherever the night takes you.

Which bar is number one on your bucket list?
There are too many to chose from.

What helps against hangovers?
Coffee and Ramen.

What are you always travelling with, that is not related to bartending?

What is your favourite travel destination?

What is your current favourite tune on your playlist when traveling?
Kendrick Lamar.

If you wouldn’t be in hospitality, what would you do?
Playing golf everyday.

“Supporting my local bar industry family.”
– David Nguyen-Luu about Urban Drinking



What’s your favourite ingredient?

What does “Urban Drinking” mean to you?
Supporting my local bar industry family.

What is modern bar culture about?
Guest experience, not just a drink.

What is the next big bar trend?
Simplicity (less ingredients) and low ABV.


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