MEET THE BARTENDER: Michael Kampmann

Michael Kampmann

Zurich, Switzerland
Nationality: German
Bar: Cinchona Bar

“Take it easy, keep it easy.”
– Michael Kampmann about Urban Drinking

When did you start bartending?

What’s your favourite drink of all time?
Rusty Nail and Gin & Tonic.

What’s your top bar recommendation? One bar you have been to, one you have not been to yet.
Been to: Lulu white drinking club (Paris)
Have to visit: Hunky Dory (Frankfurt)

What helps against hangovers?
“Rollmops” and Bloody Mary.

What are you always travelling with, that is not related to bartending?
Headphones and a soccer magazine.

What is your favourite travel destination?

What is your current favourite tune on your playlist when traveling?
Old School: Chuck Berry – Johnny B. Good.

What’s your favourite ingredient?
Gin and beetroot.

What does “Urban Drinking” mean to you?
Take it easy, keep it easy.

What is the next big bar trend?

If you wouldn’t be in hospitality, what would you do?
Then I would be a truck driver.

What is modern bar culture about?
Getting involved with new products and trying new things, knowing about classic bartending and having a panoramic view.
When it comes to trends and tradition, providing good service, understanding and inspiring guests, but also paying attention to economy and sustainability.


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