Meet the Classics

The classics are always en vogue!

Old Fashioned, Martinis and Manhattan are classics in the bar world. These are recipes that have been kept for many years, improved and reinterpreted. They never die out as new generations of bartenders always bring them into a renaissance.

“It’s great to see how old classics can develop and reinvent themselves. Highball is a type of drink that is popular and very casual. Somewhat more informal and relaxed than drinking in the 20s presumably. And always of the highest quality. Maybe in the future classics will be sold as shots or old-fashioned-ready-to-go drinks at the gas station?! It remains exciting! #dothehighballdance! “- Phum Sila-Trakoon, Global Brand Ambassador Thomas Henry

Let us present to you a collection of the Top Cocktail Classics! Whether a classic or modern interpretation, here you’ll find your favourite variation of your cocktail classics. Cheers!