My Herbal Workshop in Hamburg

Hamburg Herbal Workshop

Hamburg, my pearl!

With regard to the Thomas Henry Herbal Workshop, we want to take a closer look at the botany of the bars this year. From the history of the herbs to the modern application of herbs, the plant is tested to the very last fiber. As in the case of the ICE CARVING Workshop 2016, we would like to focus on topics relevant to Bartenders and have a closer look at the art of herbal from a different point of view. Hamburg is our second stop on our journey through the DACH region. After a infamous at the Tiger Bar in Berlin, the expectations of Hamburg are high 😉

In the pitch black halls of the liquid artists of the SuperSpace team we made a really green entrance! With a battery of fresh herbs we brought some fresh colour and new fragrances into the house! Herbal Workshop Part 2 was ready to bloom! After Michael Blair (FIFTY Cocktail Heroes -Berlin) presented his incomprehensible heroic pesto, Hamburg had to step up the game! With combinations of peanut, chartreuse and sage we were ready to show them how we do it!

In addition to the strength of the mortar and the flower pot, it was a free and friendly prelude to a phenomenal evening. Just like we expected it to be in the second most beautiful city in Germany! SuperSpace, 3 Freunde, The Chug Club, Walrus and Boilerman … what can you say, the city is simply a boss when it comes to love, singing and caraway!

What a day: I met old friends, new friends and survived the boss! Best greetings go from the Innen Alster to the Cologne, where we will have part 3 of the Herbal Workshop.