Sven GollerSven Goller

Culinary Techniques – Add a Deeper Flavour to Your Cocktails

Sven Goller. It is not only the ingredient that makes a cocktail a great one. Very crucial is what you do with it! A simple fruit can be juiced, dried, sugar-coated, conserved, fermented, and so on. Processes such as alternating the taste of ingredients have been used by chefs for a long time and are also the focus of this year’s World Class competition. Sven Goller, Germany’s best bartender 2017, experiments with home-made shrubs and vinegar concentrates. On his cocktail menu, he places recipes with seasonal and local ingredients that harmonize skillfully. In his Livestream Bar Academy, he deals with sustainable, reusable methods with ancient roots, that change texture and taste in a groundbreaking way.