Support for Gastronomy Against Racism

Support für Gastronomie gegen Rassismus

When right-wing populism becomes accepted in society and politics, it is more important than ever to speak up and take position for tolerance and an open-minded society. The non-profit organization Gastronomy Against Racism has take up the cause to do so and gives an entire society the opportunity to declare solidarity.

With togetherness we raise a voice that states: racism and xenophobia do not have a chance in the field of gastronomy. Especially in a branch that is driven by hospitality it is important to state loud and clearly that this counts for human beings from all origin.

The logo of the organization – the pineapple with intertwining hands – denotes the limitless hospitality and support. You can already find this symbol on the doors of many bar, restaurant and hotels throughout Germany. It is a first signal against right-wing thought and speaks up for tolerance and respect. But there is still a lot to do.

When the organization started in the year of 2015 during the heated refugee debate, the first step was to provide support for self-help. The association donated funds to organizations that promote and faciliate the integration of immigrants and refugees thorugh language courses.

In the year of 2017 the organizational focus is on explanatory work and on encouraging people to talk about the forms of racism. Where does it start? And how to deal with hostility in pure daily (gastronomic) life? Gastronomy against racism aims to bring questions like these in the agenda of people from the industry with a number of different actions, public discussions and seminars.

Thomas Henry feels obliged to those causes and is happy to support the charity with parts of the House of Thomas Henry revenues. Gastronomy Against Racism incidentally would like to thank the Berlin-based company for this amazing platform and patronage.

For current initiatives and general information about Gastronomy Against Racism please visit: also find the organization on Facebook: