Behind Bars: Imperii, Leipzig

7 questions for André Pintz

In beautiful Leipzig, too, bar culture is being celebrated. First and foremost at “Imperii” which opened its doors in 2015 and became the “New Bar of the Year” at the “Mixology Bar Awards”. The master of the house is the young, enterprising and sympathetic André Pintz. We had a nice chat with him.

1. André, why is your bar called Imperii?
With that name, we stick to the history of the city and our special location in the “Ölsners Hof¡, the largest and oldest trading post in the city. We derive our name from one of the two major trade routes of the ancient Roman Empire. As our slogan puts it: Where the main trade routes “Via Imperii” and “Via Regia” once crossed, at the Brühl in Leipzig, we created a new food and beverage culture spot of the city.

2. Describe your bar in three words, please.
Our slogan is: Enjoy Pure Style. Or, to put it in other words: no dress code, no compulsion, only enjoyment.

3. What makes a good bar for you?
A good bar isn’t just well-stocked. There’s a trend to combine food and drinks. We like to describe it as “bar and food – but not bar food!” The combination, the interaction of all senses must fit. This includes a sense for flavours and the know-how of those who pick up the guests and take them on a culinary journey.

4. Which drink with Thomas Henry is especially popular at your bar?
One of our runners is the “Marty & Melman”. Eau de Vie Pear, Fresh Pear, Madagascar Vanilla, Lime and Thomas Henry Spicy Ginger. The story from the bar menu: “Everyone knows the crazy animals from the movie Madagascar. Marty the zebra & Melman the giraffe. Here’s our answer with pear, vanilla & looooong flavour!

5. Your after-work drink?
It depends on the mood and the dynamics of the evening. A beer, a horse’s neck, a gin and tonic – or  a bijou when I am talking about new ideas with my crew.

6. You offer food, too, as you mentioned already.
That was clear from the beginning. Of course, a lot has changed during the construction phase. The location changed quite a bit due to larger space that we can use. Along with the circumstances came the idea to take a closer look at the topic of food. We focus intensively on what opportunities we have in the city and what should be taken into account. Of course, it is a bigger challenge with bigger risks. But on the other hand, there is the advantage of the interaction between bar and kitchen. We have arrived in the city after a good two and a half years, and our guests really appreciate getting high-class food and the perfect drink in one place.

7. What can you recommend from the food menu in particular?
I have my favourites on every new menu as it changes every two months. Currently it is the Käsebrot (a bread with cheese, a German classic, editorial note). It sounds so easy, but whoever ordered it will never ever just put a slice of Gouda just on his bread 😉 Also the sweet potato ice cream on the current menu is amazing.

Sounds good. Thanks, André!

Brühl 72
04109 Leipzig