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Our Premium Mixers

We were born in the colourful world of bars – and so are our mixers, which are always developed in cooperation with leading bartenders. Always perfectly harmonised with the best drinks! And: A variety of drinks requires a variety of mixers! That's why we offer you a complete portfolio of bitter lemonades and sodas, from tonics to spicy ginger mixers to bar lemonades. We always use natural ingredients and deliver award-winning premium quality. So that no wish goes unsatisfied!

Our Premium Mixers

Our Tonics & Co.

We know that not all gins are equal. That’s why our answer to the wide range of gins is: A variety of tonics! To always have a suitable tonic at hand for your gin and other spirits.

Our Spicy Ginger Mixers

All about that ginger. Mixers with ginger have a long tradition in bars. They (almost) always come into play when a drink needs to be a bit spicier or stronger in taste. From a refreshingly spicy Moscow Mule to a flavourful Horse‘s Neck. Our ginger–flavoured mixers deliver what they promise: That special spiciness in your drink!

Our Sodas & Lemonades

Bar Essentials & Bar Specials come together here. For bartenders and drink lovers. Our mixers for the drink trends of today and tomorrow. And for the classics we will always love.