Mystic Mango: fruity mango with a sour kick

Thomas Henry Mystic Mango is much more than just a mango lemonade for the summer, even if it looks like a small holiday in all its colourful splendour. The mango’s wonderful sweetness meets the sweet-sour notes of the pitanga fruit. The result is a completely new taste world — balanced and complex at the same time.

A fruit like the mango deserves more than simply being sweet. Thomas Henry Mystic Mango tastes mysteriously exotic and is the only mango filler to exist in the bar world. Mystic Mango fits wonderfully into the Tiki tradition and brings this mysterious and warm-hearted world into the 21st century.

The mango: a true food of the gods

The mango originally hails from Myanmar, but today it is cultivated wherever the sun shines all year round. In Asia it is considered the fruit of the gods and is revered and appreciated as a medicinal plant. Mango trees are extremely durable, many can bear fruit for more than 300 years. Another reason why people in Asia have such a close and deep relationship to the fruit of the gods.

Mango is still an important base for many oils and remedies today — as a lemonade it offers pure and fantastic pleasure. In this premium filler, the mango is accompanied by the pitanga fruit, which is also known as the Surinam cherry and originates from eastern South America. The tropical pitanga complements the mango perfectly with its fine acidity.

A mysterious exotic star in the bar sky

Enjoyed neat, the Mystic Mango tastes like a ray of sunshine. And when mixed, the premium filler becomes a real trip around the world: with whiskey, tequila, mezcal, herb liqueur, or rum — like in its signature drink the Mystic & Spice, in which spiced rum is used. Thomas Henry Mystic Mango: when the exotic, sweet taste of mango meets the sharp taste of pitanga. Cheers!