Wild Berry: summers will be tempting

Thomas Henry Wild Berry is the perfect premium filler accompaniment for colourful drinks on warm summer evenings, but that’s not all. Enjoyed neat, Wild Berry is a constantly changing, always exciting refreshment. Paired with vermouth and other wine-based spirits, cocktails are sumptuously light, invigorating, and irresistibly aromatic with the the aroma of the wild berries tonic filler.

A great example is the signature drink Summer Breeze: white wine aperitif is added to ice and topped with Thomas Henry Wild Berry in a wine glass. Garnished with mint and fresh berries, the cocktail looks fantastic. The bitter-sweetness is balanced in taste, simply elegant, as well as a sunny delight.

Aperitif, Apéro, Aperitivo Milanese and co.

Countries that are rich in sunshine often have another thing in common: a widespread aperitif culture. Across the boarders there are many names for the convivial get-together which includes excellent drinks and fine snacks. In Switzerland and parts of France, locals call the aperitif Apéro, in Italy they say Aperitivo Milanese. Of course one can’t ignore the Spanish tapas culture or the Greek mezedes.

But they all have one thing in common: they are at their peak when they are enjoyed outside. From the patio with a sea view, to a piazza and over to a urban rooftop bar. The aperitif culture produced many a classic in the cocktail world: the Kir (Royal), Hugo, and the Negroni are all world-famous icons.

A new lightness for creative drinks

The aperitif culture is currently experiencing a great renaissance and inspiring more and more connoisseurs, even in cooler regions. The combination of light drinks and handy snacks in the evening is communicative, cultivates friendships, and can also easily replace the necessity for a big dinner.

The premium filler Wild Berry enriches bar culture through its new flavours and colours, and offers bartenders many creative possibilities. Wild Berry is always great when paired with vodka and many other spirits await to be mixed with this fruity-tart filler to create sparkling drink creations with captivatingly beautiful colours. Thomas Henry Wild Berry: when the fruity taste of wild berries meets the refreshing note of lemon. Cheers!