Tonic Water: the classic for every gin

Thomas Henry Tonic Water is so good because of its high quinine content and slight floral citrus aromas. The cinchona bark’s bitterness is perfectly balanced by the fruity-sweet aromas of the citrus fruit. Thomas Henry Tonic Water is a refreshing taste experience and perfectly pairs with every gin.

A classic because of its balance, fine scent, and perfect perlage. The mild yet powerful character hides its secret well: tonic water was first invented as a medicine against malaria in the tropical colonies. Today, Thomas Henry Tonic Water is at home in the best bars in the world, not only refining Gin & Tonics, but many other classic drinks as well.

Gin & Tonic: how gin came to meet tonic

The first Gin & Tonic was probably made sometime in the early 19th century. It was not invented at the bar though, instead it came to fruition in the British tropical colonies where heat, humidity, and mosquitoes made malaria a constant threat to local sailors. Which is why they began to add quinine to their soda water. This was extracted from the South American cinchona bark, a remedy for malaria at that time.

And so, tonic water was born! The Navy even mandated that their marines to drink it. In order to make the bitter tonic water more enjoyable, the soldiers first added sugar and then gin. Which is how the Gin & Tonic was born: the king amongst long drinks.

The iconic filler: versatile and multiple award-winning

Thomas Henry Tonic Water goes extremely well with mild, fruity, and spicy gins. But it is also great mixed with rum or vodka. Exciting concoctions made with wormwood or herbal liqueur, such as the Berryhunter  showcase the filler’s versatility and variability.

Tonic Water by Thomas Henry has received several awards — including the “Great Taste Award”. It is also one of the global “Bestselling Tonic Waters”. Thomas Henry Tonic Water: when the fruity, sweet taste of fresh lemon meets the bitterness of quinine. Cheers!