Bitter Lemon: the perfect balance

Thomas Henry Bitter Lemon is an excellent refreshing premium filler. It contains extra quinine and boasts just the right balance of bitterness, acidity, and sweetness. It also has additional aromas of fine bitterness, powerful lemon, and lime. Thomas Henry Bitter Lemon is one of the classic fillers par excellence and the ideal basis for numerous drinks with spirits of various kinds.

How the Bitter Lemon was invented

Similar to Tonic Water, Bitter Lemon was also created as a malaria protection in the 19th century: in colonial Africa, water, lemon juice and quinine were mixed into a drink that not only protected against the disease but also happened to be refreshingly pleasant.  This is why in the English speaking world, Bitter Lemon it is often referred to as Lemon Tonic. In South Africa the filler is also known as Dry Lemon. By the way: the typical milky cloudy colour is caused by the juice of the lemon. One of the classics amongst bitter lemonades!

Stayin’ Alive: from disco star to all-time classic

Bitter Lemon is characterised by its excellent mixability. Which is why, in the 20th century, it used to be marketed as the “soft drink” for adults. Bitter Lemon goes well with drinks containing gin, sloe gin, whiskey, and liqueur. And of course Bitter Lemon with vodka has made its way into a signature drink Vodka Lemon. The bitter lemonade celebrated great success at the time of the disco boom in the late 1970s.

Especially dramatic in UV light, which is found in many a disco or club, drinks with bitter lemon shimmer as if they were from another star and seem penetrated by magical powers. Meanwhile, Thomas Henry’s Bitter Lemon continues to impress in the 21st century with its perfect balance of taste. A timeless and always pleasant refreshment. Thomas Henry Bitter Lemon: when the sweet and sour taste of a fresh lemon meets the bitterness of quinine. Cheers!