Mystic & Spice: Recipe and instructions

mystic mango mysticspice
  • Bar Newcomer
  • Taste: strong, fruity
1 cocktail
  • 40 ml spiced rum
  • 20 ml fresh lime Juice
  • Thomas Henry Mystic Mango

Glass: tumbler | Garnish: mango or lime wedges

Fill highball glass with ice. Add freshly squeezed lime juice and spiced rum. Fill with Thomas Henry Mystic Mango. Stir briefly and carefully, garnish with lime wedge. Cheers!


Caribbean Dream: Mystic Mango meets spiced rum

Mystic & Spice is the signature drink by Thomas Henry. It is made with the premium filler Mystic Mango and spiced rum. The mango’s unique fruit aroma is the starting point of this drink. Those who know, know: the fruit tastes just as good as it looks. Not without reason that in many Asian cultures it is revered as food of the gods. 

Fine aromas of rum are added to spice the whole thing up. Vanilla, cinnamon, orange peel, and nutmeg create aroma accents which taste buds on a new trail. This mixture alone has everything you need for a classic which can be used to toast all across the world.  The pitanga fruit is an important aspect of the Thomas Henry Mystic Mango — it lends the filler a pleasant portion of acidity.

The freshly squeezed lime juice is simply perfect in this drink.  A little sweet, pleasantly sour, and always fresh: it goes well with the other two ingredients and is wonderful paired with the sun-drenched ripeness of the mango — and voilà. Something extraordinary is created! Conclusive, harmonious and yet surprising at every sip. Thankfully, the Mystic & Spice is prepared easily and swiftly. 

Mystic & Spice: like a beach in your living room

Enjoyed at the beach or at home, the drink will make you feel like you’re looking into the sky on the most comfortable sun bed in the world: a grandiose experience, breathtakingly beautiful, and unimaginably delicious. The Mystic & Spice is a reminder of a tropical visit: exciting, refreshing, extravagant. A break from everyday life with many surprising facets. Elegance in many forms. A small holiday in a cocktail glass, in a place where the sun never sets.