Tips & Tricks for your home bar

Are you dreaming of your own home bar? We’ll show you which bar tools you need and which techniques you should know to mix the best drinks. Additionally, you’ll get some drinkspiration for your next home mixing session. Let’s discover our tips & tricks for your home bar.

Shake it till you make it!

The essential BAR TOOLS for your bar at home

When it comes to mixing the selection of bar tools as well as the different mixing techniques are essential. We introduce you to the most important tools and techniques for home mixing. Level up your mixing game and learn how to use bar tools properly, cheers!

1.Strainer: You’ll definitely need a shaker if you want to get cold ice-free drinks. There are two types of strainers: Those with a short handle and those with a long handle. Professionals usually use a strainer with a longer handle, as this enables the straining to be more controlled. Our tip: When buying a strainer, make sure that the spiral is removable. This makes it easier to clean the strainer.

2. Shaker: Every well-equipped bar should have a shaker. A shaker is a device used to mix liquids homogenously by shaking. If you add ice to the shaker, it allows a quicker cooling of the liquids before serving the drink. Our tip: If you don’t have a shaker at hand, you can also use a jar.

bar tools for your home bar

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3. Jigger: A jigger is one of the most common bar tools. It works as a measuring cup and helps you to get well-balanced and delicious drinks. Some bartenders swear by a japanese style jigger. They are said to be particularly well-balanced. However, if you don’t have a jigger at home, you can find alternatives to measure liquids, such as a shot glass. In the end, the only thing that matters is that the ratio of ingredients is accurate.

4. Bar spoon: A bar spoon is a long-handled spoon used for mixing and layering. The twists in the handle make it more suitable for stirring. It is also used as a measuring unit (1 BL = approx. 5 ml). In addition, liquids can be pirouetted into the glass via the handle, a nice show effect. For layering, however, the spoon is the most important instrument – nothing works without it. You don’t have a bar spoon yet? No worries, you can also use a latte macchiato spoon instead. It can easily replace a bar spoon if you just want to stir the drink.

5. Peeler: We recommend a standard peeler to get freshly cut zests. Although there are special zesters and zest rippers, such tools are not necessary. Fine strips of zest can also be cut well with a kitchen knife.

6. Blender: In general, mixers and blenders can do the same thing. However, they differ in one important function: a mixer can chop ice, which is great for frosty slushy drinks like frozen margaritas.

Let's start mixing!

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