Pink Paloma: Recipe and Instructions

pink grapefruit pinkpaloma
  • Bar Newcomer
1 cocktail
  • 40 ml 100% agave tequila blanco
  • 20 ml fresh lime Juice
  • Thomas Henry Pink Grapefruit

Glass: mug | Garnish: lime slice

Fill the tumbler with ice. Add tequila and lime juice. Fill with Thomas Henry Pink Grapefruit and garnish with a lime slice. Finish with a pinch of salt. Cheers!

Short holiday in colourful splendour: Pink Grapefruit meets tequila

The Pink Paloma is one of the most popular drinks in Mexico. In addition to established cocktail legends such as the Margarita, Palomas are also currently enjoying increasing popularity in local latitudes. The dreamlike Caribbean combination of white tequila, Thomas Henry Pink Grapefruit, and a pinch of salt come together in a harmonious long drink which is sweet and refreshingly sour at the same time and constantly inspiring.

The world of tequilas is large and diverse. Gone are the days when Mexican spirits were equated with loud, dull parties, and plastic sombrero hats. Connoisseurs know that the agave distillate is versatile and incredibly inspiring thanks to its many complex aromas. The Pink Paloma, like the Gin & Tonic, offers about as many options as there are tequila varieties. Tequila is rightfully enjoying its global cult status.

The same applies to grapefruit lemonade, which originally hails from Jamaica. In the years since it has become a worldwide classic. It began its triumphal march in the Caribbean, specifically in Jamaica. With its blend of fruity, bitter, and sweet notes, it more than perfectly reflects the lifestyle of the island state.

Pink Paloma: more fruit, more colour

Thanks to the high fruit content in Thomas Henry Pink Grapefruit, the Pink Paloma scores with particular freshness and balanced acidity. No one can be sure with which fruit Don Javier Delgado Corona first invented the Paloma. But the cocktail leads back to the Mexican barkeeper. In the 1950s he worked at La Capilla — directly in the city of Tequila. The name of the cocktail can’t be clearly documented or traced either.

However, there is much which suggests Señor Corona was inspired by the song of the same name. The folk song was composed in the 19th century and is part of Mexico’s culture. An excellent Tequila Blanco is indispensable for the Pink Paloma. You can serve your Paloma in a traditional rustic earthenware mug or the modern way in a chique tumbler. Cheers!