Behind Bars: Ostbar

Behind Bars: 10 questions to Theresa Basel, „Ostbar“ Bamberg 

1. Who are you and what are you doing?

I am Theresa Basel, I study molecular science and work as a bartender in the “Ostbar“ in Bamberg.

2. Despite being quite small, Bamberg is quite a hot spot these day’s in Germany’s bar scene. How come?

Bamberg has seen a huge bar culture development in the past years. It still is a beer town, but it has established itself in the German bar scene, too. It think that is first and foremost because of the people working in the local industry, who do not only see it as a job but are really passionate. They are trying to develop oneself and the drinks further, permanently working on new creations. Some of my colleagues have become quite renowned in the German bar scene lately.

3. How would you describe the „Ostbar“ in three words?

Urban. Charismatic. Versatile.

4. Which long drink would you recommend us?

Our “Dark’n’Spicy“: aged rum, home-made falernum, lime and Thomas Henry Ginger Ale.

5. And if we preferred a cocktail?

The „Brandy Lift“ from our new cocktail menu: Brandy, Dom Bénédictine, home-made orgeat and cream, filled up with Thomas Henry Soda Water.

6. What inspires you?

Challenges. They are my inspiration and my motivation. And female bartenders like Bettina Kupsa from the „Chug Club“ in Hamburg. She radiates an incredible warmth and has such great enthusiasm for the work behind the bar.

7. What is your „host philosophy“?

For me, tending bar has a lot to do with charm, know-how, creativity, love of detail and empathy. You are not only a bartender, you are also a listener and a professional. Moreover, I think it’s important to foreground the drink, not yourself.

8. There’s still very few female bartenders around. How can this be changed?

One of the biggest problems, I think, is to be underestimated. Some guests don’t confide in me having in-depth knowledge about spirits. Which evaporates as soon as I start talking to them, but these low expectations of women are far from rare, even though we can work as good behind bars and show as much knowledge as our male colleagues do. Men work behind the counter, women work in service – that image is still in many people’s heads. And, unfortunately, it is also still the modus operandi in some bars.

9. When you are going into a bar as a guest, what is the most important thing for you?

Good service and heartiness. The better the service and the more cordial the welcome, the more comfortable I feel.

10. Please add: In 2017, I shall …

… travel more frequently! For me, it is an inspiration on many levels.


Zollnerstraße 36
96052 Bamberg

Opening Hours:

Mo-Do: 8 pm till late
Fr-Sa: 8 pm till late
closed on sundays