Twist and Turn – Gin & Tonic

Gin & Tonic Wheel

Is it Gin o’clock again? Gin & Tonic is an all time classic longdrink, which is very popular in the bar culture and drinking culture. The beloved drink already exists since the mid-17th century. Not only the taste, but also the few ingredients and the easy preparation makes the drink very popular. About 10 years ago, most people went into bars, ordering a Gin & Tonic without asking for a specific Gin, nor a specific Tonic. Nowadays, this has changed a lot. Because more and more people know about the different variations of Gins, tonic waters and of the garnish, that can change the taste of the longdrink drastically. With its different combinations  you can create many diverse variations and create a Gin & Tonic for everyone’s taste.

The history of Gin & Tonic

Funnily enough, both Gin and Tonic were invented for medical purposes. Gin was a medicine, used against stomach- and kidney diseases, invented by a Dutch doctor. The patients liked the Gin so much, that the substance got very known over the Dutch borders. During the Eight Year’s War, the Dutch and the British soldiers collaborated. That’s how the spirit made it quickly over the English borders where Gin won its popularity. During colonial times, tonic water was used to cure Malaria and also to reduce fever. Back then, you couldn’t drink tonic as you can now: it was not enjoyable due to the high doses of quinine, which made the tonic water taste very bitter. When the British discovered the wonderful combination of Gin & Tonic, the tonic water got produced with less quinine and with more lemon and sugar.

The perfect Gin & Tonic

We made it our mission to create a Gin & Tonic Wheel for you. Find out how you can enjoy Gin & Tonic in different variations, which match your taste.

Fill a glass with ice cubes, pour one quarter of the glass with Gin and top up with a Thomas Henry Tonic (Tonic Water, Elderflower Tonic or Cherry Blossom Tonic) and add the corresponding garnish. For the Gin you can vary between a mild Gin, a fruity Gin or an aromatic Gin. If you have chosen which Gin you want to drink, the wheel shows you which garnish and which tonic you can use best. To find your perfect drink, all you have to do is turn the wheel to your Gin of choice. This gives you an overview of the possibilities and different options to choose from.

Mild Gins

If you decide to go for a mild Gin, we recommend Tanqueray Gin, Bulldog Gin or Siegfried Gin. Combining it with Tonic Water and a grapefruit zest, your Gin & Tonic results in being fruity. If you are in the mood for a refreshing Gin & Tonic, you might want to go with Elderflower Tonic, garnishing it with a lime zest. Choosing the Cherry Blossom Tonic and garnishing the drink with an orange zest, you’ll find your Gin & Tonic tasting soft.

Fruity Gins

For a fruity Gin, we suggest using Bombay Sapphire, Hendrick’s Gin or Gin Sul. Combining one of those Gins with Tonic Water and an orange zest, you’ll find your Gin & Tonic to be refreshing. Combining your Gin with Elderflower Tonic and a cucumber, your Gin & Tonic will have a florid taste. Finally, using Cherry Blossom Tonic with the fruity Gin of your choice and adding a lemon zest, your Gin & Tonic will be well-rounded.

Aromatic Gins

Aromatic Gins are Beefeater Gin, Gordon’s Gin and Finsbury, for example. Combining one of those Gins with Tonic Water and a lemon zest, you’ll find you Gin & Tonic to be herb. Matching it with Elderflower Tonic and a lemon zest makes your Gin & Tonic have a sourly taste. Combining it with Cherry Blossom Tonic and a lemon zest, your Gin & Tonic will be flowery.

No matter what G&T combination you choose – we say: Cheers!