Thomas Henry Tonic Heroes

There is no good bar worldwide where you don’t get the perfect tonic to your gin. Whether a classic tonic water, an aromatic, floral or dry tonic – there are many different varieties nowadays. Quinine gives them all the well-known bitter note. Also your homebar should be equipped with the best tonics possible. Since the invention of the classic Gin & Tonic in the early 19th century a lot of things have changed. When going into bars, people used to order a classic Gin & Tonic without asking for a specific gin, nor a specific tonic water. Nowadays, there are a lots of options to create a Gin & Tonic for everyone’s taste.

Our Tonic Heroes – Tonic Water, Botanical Tonic, Cherry Blossom Tonic & Dry Tonic – bring more variety into your glass without much effort. You want to level up your tonic game? Then check out our top recipes, cheers!