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Andrej Busch

Hamburg, Germany
Nationality: German


When did you start bartending?

What’s your favourite drink of all time?

What’s your favourite ingredient of your origin?
With all.

What helps against hangovers?
Fresh air, exercise, chicken soup with noodles, non-alcoholic beer.

What mean urban drinking for you?
Modern drinking.



“Gin in all Flavour Variations.”
Andry about the next big trend in the bar scene.


What’s your top bar recommendation? One bar you have been to, one you have not been to yet.
Schumann’s Bar the best bar in the world!
In Savoy London I would like to have a drink.

What is modern bar culture about?

What is the next big bar trend?
Gin in all flavour variations.


What is your favourite travel destination?
To the sea.

When you are traveling, what do you always carry with you that you don’t need for your job?
Swimming trunks.

What is your current favourite tune on your playlist when traveling?
I have a few.

If you wouldn’t be in hospitality, what would you do?
Federal Chancellor.