(Not) Behind Bars: Bonechina, Frankfurt

8 questions for Sven Riebel

The Frankfurt bartender Sven Riebel manages two bars which both have an unusual space: “Seven Swans & The Tiny Cup” is very small (guests and employees share as little as 17 square meters), thus no counter. There’s none either in his new bar “Bonechina”: Here, it’s the guests themselves that stir pre-mixed drinks at several stations in a space without barriers. A little bit like at a kitchen party! We asked Sven Riebel a few questions, this time – due to spatial reasons – not “behind bars”.

1. Sven, please describe your bar in three words.
Community, barrier-free, risky.

2. How do you inspire yourself?
Depends on the occasion. You can not force inspiration. I’ve worked in many bars and I know how I do not want to work any more, at least for now. I want to break a new ground.

3. How does one work in a room without a bar?
You have to be aware that you are on a stage all the time, you can not hide behind a counter. That’s why the structuring of the room and the positioning of the guests are very important. I want to connect guests, enable communication and improve the service.

4. Which drink with Thomas Henry should we try at your place?
The other day, we did a great non-alcoholic one at “Seven Swans & The Tiny Cup”, with Thomas Henry Coffee Tonic and Thomas Henry Soda Water, fresh pineapple juice and some sweetness and acidity.

5. Your preferred after-work drink?
Changes with the seasons (laughs).

6. So what are you drinking this season?
Sometimes a beer.

7. When does a bar please you?
When it’s no longer about the drink, but about the warmth I feel and the mood I can absorb as soon as I enter the room.

8. Last question: what is Sven Riebel planning for 2018?
If all goes well, we will open a bar in a new hotel this year with the Lindenberg Group in Frankfurt.

Thank you, Sven.

Große Rittergasse 64
60594 Frankfurt