From the very beginning, the Torberg Bar has taken a purist path: Gin & Tonic is at the top of the drink menu. Guests have the opportunity to get to know the different tastes of more than 640 types of gin. The Torberg Bar does not use decorations or garnishes, as these influence the tasting.

Every Tuesday there is a public tasting at the bar, where 10 different Gin & Tonics can be tasted. Experts from distilleries or brand managers are often invited to these events to complement the tasting with industry-specific expertise.

A gin tasting takes place every Tuesday evening

Best cocktail with Thomas Henry
Gin & Tonic

Popular for
Large selection of gin


Strozzigasse 47
1080 Wien


79 seats
Payment Cash & Card
Opening Hours Wed – Sat, 5 pm – 3 am
Reservation possible