The World of MixersThe World of Mixers

The World of Mixers

For a few years now, the Thomas Henry Mixers have been indispensable in the innovative gastro scene. With 10 bar-lemonades and the Mate Mate there is a great variety of drinks for your guests. At the end of this Academy, you’ll know exactly how to use our classic bar sodas – Tonic Water, Bitter Lemon, Ginger Ale, and Soda Water -, which trend drinks to mix with Ginger Beer, what kind of drinks you can create with the Tonic-Variations Elderflower Tonic , Cherry Blossom Tonic or Slim Tonic, and how the “All Day Range”-lemonades Mystic Mango and Ultimate Grapefruit (new product since 2020: Thomas Henry Pnk Grapefruit) can be combined best.