l’Heure Verte Tonic

l'Heure Verte Tonic
  • Mixologist
  • Taste: herbal, strong
1 cocktail
  • 30 ml Gin Sul
  • 20 ml martini bianco
  • 10 ml pernod absinth 68%
  • Thomas Henry Slim Tonic

Glass: highball | Garnish: mixed pallet with 5 colors (flavours - the colours can be used individually or as a combination: raspberry-violet, curacao-grapefruit, cucumber, paprika/pepper, mandarine-elderflower), Thomas Henry Slim Tonic fountain topping | Technique: build in glass

Fill ice cubes into a highball glass and add Gin Sul, Martini Bianco and Pernod Absinth (68%). Stir everything together and to garnish, add a colour of the pallet or a colour combination. Fill up with Thomas Henry Slim Tonic in the recommended ration of 1:3 or to your taste.