No & Low ABV Drinks

You want to follow the #dryjanuary spirit? Or are you simply in the mood for contemporary drinks with a twist? Whatever your reasons – a conscious lifestyle is becoming increasingly important, also in the drinking culture! The #mindfuldrinking movement is in vogue. It’s moving from the most innovative bars into our living rooms. With our No & Low ABV drinks, you don’t have to miss out on good drinks. We show you our favourite drinks for home mixing. Whether completely alcohol-free or with little alcohol, you will find your perfect drink. Let’s bring sophisticated bar culture to your home bar.

No ABV Drinks - Top 6 alcohol-free Drinks

No ABV drinks are not mocktails as we know them from the 2000s. They are more than just a mix of your favourite juices or a non-alcoholic soft drink. ABV stands for alcohol by volume and indicates the content of alcohol. We present to you a selection of drink recipes that are 100% alcohol-free but still sophisticated. Whether non-alcoholic gin alternatives, refined distillates or verjus, there are many options these days that can add flavour and refine your drink. For all gin & tonic lovers, here is our non-alcoholic version of the cocktail classic.

Low ABV Drinks – Top Drinks with low alcohol

Our Low ABV drinks are not alcohol-free, but contain significantly less alcohol than a classic drink. We mainly use spirits with low ABV, such as vermouth or liqueurs. Let’s try it, cheers!